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It is better for those with zero foundation to learn Japanese by self-study or enroll in classes

2021-01-13 16:56:05

When many people want to learn Japanese at the beginning, they are worried about whether it is better to learn Japanese through self-study or to enroll in a tutoring class. Today, Wuxi Japanese language training institutions come to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of self-study and enrolling in tutoring classes for everyone. Everyone can tell which method is more suitable for you!

【Through self-study】


1. Time to master

Most students who study and train Japanese will not have enough time to sign up for a fixed class due to work or study. On the one hand, through self-study, there is a lot of advantages here. The dexterity can grasp the rhythm by itself and master the time!

2. Have a strong purpose through self-study.

Most self-study students are driven by factors such as personal hobbies, work requirements, or getting along with others. The purpose of self-study Japanese is stronger and the actual effect is more significant.


1. The professional knowledge is basically not solid and lacks pertinence

Through self-study at the level of phonetic transcription, it will be significantly weaker than the students in the tutoring class. At the level of spoken English, they only need to speak simple words. Unable to communicate smoothly with others, poor application of English grammar, system software unable to organize the professional knowledge I have learned, time consuming, continuous professional knowledge, and later the more difficult to learn!

2. No way to check the gap

In the whole process of self-study, teachers who lack technical expertise usually do not know it when they step into the wrong concept and make mistakes again, resulting in abandonment of learning and training.

3. Lack of self-control ability

No one is urged during the whole process of self-study, and there is no excessive work pressure. Learning and training itself is a boring whole process, relying on your own self-control ability, but for students who have passed self-study, it is lacking Self-control ability is a very big obstacle.

Lack of natural language environment;

The natural language environment is indispensable for language learning. Through the whole process of self-study, there is a lack of communication partners. In the natural environment of pure Chinese, oral English work ability cannot be improved, and there is also a lack of opportunities for communication!

【Report to Remedial Class】


1. Position establishment

The specific guidance of technical professional teachers can reduce the inaccuracy, check their own level from time to time, and what should be done next to prevent unnecessary time consumption.

2. Learning knowledge is more systematic software

The advantage of learning and training as a tutoring class is that the professional knowledge is sufficient and the system software will appear. There will be a technical professional responsible for the overall planning of the learning and training process for everyone. According to everyone's level, a more appropriate class group will be matched with the teacher's specific guidance Next, more comprehensive learning and training of system software!

3. High cost performance

The content and materials of the teaching materials are all-round to prevent the consumption of learning materials that are not suitable for oneself. However, although the price of the tutoring class is relatively more expensive than through self-study, it is more cost-effective and cost-effective to purchase courses during the theme activity period. !


The price is expensive, but everything is positively related. If you want to carry out more efficient learning and training, paying for the tutoring class is your best choice, and you will get the investment.

Seeing that everyone here has mastered the difference between self-study and tutoring classes, I suggest that if there are certain basic students who can choose to pass self-study, but for Japanese beginners, I still recommend you to take tutoring classes for study and training.