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With zero knowledge of Korean, how should international students choose

2020-07-25 09:04:19

At this stage, many students are good teachers, "Teacher, now I don't know Korean, but I want to study abroad in South Korea next year. Should I go to South Korea to learn Korean? Or should I learn Korean well in China?" Actually this question Well, depending on the person, make a decision based on your own specific situation. Today, I will give everyone an analysis. Wuxi Korean training to see which method is more suitable for you?

What is the Korean Language Institute? Many colleges will set up languages, but they are actually affiliated institutions of Korean universities and have no direct relationship with universities. In other words, even though you are a student of XX University Language Institute, it does not mean that you are a student of XX University. You must be able to apply to other schools after you learn Korean.

Teachers and everyone will analyze the difference between the Korean Language Institute and the Chinese Language Institute.

1. Price differentiation

Speaking of this, we must first introduce the level of Korean, which is divided into 6 levels. Level 1 is the elementary and intermediate level, and level 6 is the higher level. Before the beginning of the new semester of the Korean Language Institute, there will usually be a placement test, and classes will be assigned according to your Korean level. If your Korean is zero foundation, then you can enter the 1st class "exam free".

The training fee of the Korean Language Institute is also slightly different according to the region and the ranking of the college, and the basis is 15 to 20,000 RMB per semester. If you want to learn and train Korean in China, you can learn the intermediate level with only about 15,000.

2. Time distinction

After talking about the price comparison, let's discuss the time comparison.

Korean language schools have 4 academic years a year, and each academic year has 10 weeks of classes. If you study and train Korean at the Korean Language Institute with zero foundation, you need to be divided into a class. If you want to learn a basic course, depending on the level of acceptance, the foundation must be 6 months to 1 year (4 academic years per year, at least 20,000 to 40,000 yuan training fee).

But if you first learn Korean in China, even if you only learn at the elementary and intermediate level, and then go to the Korean Language Institute to learn from the beginning, you can save a lot of time and training costs.

3. Distinguish between language and natural environment

Undoubtedly, the Korean Language Institute has exploded! To learn the language, the natural language environment is very important. If we go to the Korean Language Institute, not only can we learn and train Korean in the classroom, but we can also make many Korean friends and quickly improve our training. Own English speaking ability is not easy to guarantee for learning and training Korean in China.

However, most of the teachers at the Korean Language Institute are all Korean teachers. If you don’t know much about Korean, it will be a bit hard to learn at the beginning, especially for the understanding of English grammar. There will be some difficulties. If you can cooperate with the content of Chinese learning and training textbooks, or first learn and train some basic Korean in China, you will also be greatly assisted in your study and life in Korea.

If you go to a Korean language institute to study and train, you should first study and train Korean in China. Everyone can refer to their own situation and make a choice that suits them.