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How long can foreigners learn Chinese to speak

2020-07-25 09:04:19

I am sure that many foreigners who learn and train Chinese and their family members want to know, how long does it take to be able to speak import and export fluently?

Before explaining, the teacher of Wuxi Chinese Training Management Center would like to say that foreigners' learning and training Chinese is completely different from our Chinese language learning. If a foreigner can learn at the same level as everyone's teenagers, it will take a very long period of time and a lot of training.

For foreigners learning and training Chinese, just like everyone else learning English, they must first learn from the beginning of the voice and video. There are many pronunciations of Chinese letters, and the pronunciation of some letters is impossible for some people in our country. It is very much for Japan and other countries where the pronunciation of letters is relatively small. In addition, tones are not found in all the languages in our country. It takes a long time to hear and figure out the tone. From my work experience, it must be at least one year. The year mentioned here is to practice listening in most of the day during the year, rather than just listening to Chinese in class.

In addition, the knowledge of Chinese grammar is very different from that of many other countries. There is no part-of-speech change in Chinese grammar knowledge, and it is not easy to be equipped with epic; besides, the specific performance is not very obvious. This requires foreigners to memorize the sequence of Chinese. But this order is often the opposite of their own language.

Let’s talk about Chinese vocabulary. Many vocabularies only exist in English, but there are many in Chinese. Such synonyms must often be distinguished according to the situation, the relationship between the speaker and the smart person, etc. Such differences are sometimes not easy for everyone, we Chinese, let alone foreigners.

Therefore, in the situation of learning and training Chinese, it is very new to touch Chinese. Please foreigners themselves and their friends in my country to be a little careful. It is impossible to learn and train a completely unfamiliar language. Please don't have to urge and rebuke them, but should accompany them to train more and encourage them to speak more.

For a Westerner, it takes at least half a year for importing and exporting from zero basics to fluency; and one day may have to be longer because of their personalization!