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As a Chinese language training teacher in the United States, you will hold a three-year cultural exchange visa as a full-time teacher in elementary and middle schools in the United States. As a participant in the project, you will share Chinese culture and language with American students to broaden their understanding of the world.

In the process of teaching in the United States, we will provide you with many preparation measures and support, such as professional teacher training courses, online community support, and teacher guidance, so that you can immediately exert an influence among students.

Our teacher benefits include:

•Full-time position

• Competitive salary

•Interest-free resettlement loan

• Travel to the United States

•International certificate evaluation and certification

•Provide you with visa guarantee

• Provide visa guarantee for your family

• Participate in induction training in the United States

• Provide health and life insurance

• Paid holidays and holidays

• Have the opportunity to obtain a master's degree

Application conditions: 

1. People with lofty ideals who have high overall quality and are interested in teaching Chinese;

2. There is no limit to age, men and women. Good health, good looks, decent style, dedication and professionalism;

3. Full-time teaching experience of 2 years and above.

4. Have a strong foundation in English and oral, listening and speaking skills.

5. Bachelor degree in Chinese language education, English education, foreign language education, elementary education, pre-school education in normal universities (must be a bachelor's degree or above). Graduates from self-examination, correspondence courses, TV universities, and adults who are not part-time cannot apply.

6. Transcripts for 4 courses of pedagogy, educational psychology, English teaching method and modern educational technology need to be provided.

7. Putonghua has been tested and meets the requirements for dispatch, and a national Putonghua certificate is preferred.

8. Plan to serve as a teacher in the United States for 2-5 years.

9. Must hold a valid driver's license.

* The national teacher qualification certificate and the international Chinese teacher qualification certificate are preferred.

Salary treatment:

1. The salary is $30,800 per year. Refer to the appendix for salary in American public schools.

2. Enjoy interest-free resettlement loans and bank accounts (after arriving in the United States, provide 2250 USD interest-free resettlement loans and assist in opening a bank account).

3. Work visa.

4. Enjoy local welfare and statutory holidays.

Work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and rest on Saturdays and Sundays. It's the same as the in-service teachers in American public schools. Normal winter vacation and summer vacation. The winter vacation is three weeks during Christmas, and the summer vacation is from early June to mid-August.

The teacher visa can go back and forth multiple times, and can return to China to visit relatives during the winter and summer vacations or stay in the US

5. The school provides insurance and medical care and enjoys paid annual leave.

6. Families can apply for a J-2 visa and come to the United States together, and children over 4 years old can attend public schools in the United States for free. The spouse can apply for a work permit in the United States to work in the United States.

7. Provide one-way ticket.

Employment contract: signed once a year, and whether to renew the contract is decided through direct negotiation between the Korean educational institution and the person.

Work location: U.S. government public schools (elementary and middle schools)

Ancillary benefits:

Visa Guarantee and Education Certification »We are officially designated by the US government as the "guarantor of exchange programs" to provide guarantee for teachers' cultural exchange visas. We will also help you obtain the educational certification of the host country.

Health insurance for yourself and your family »The US government requires all J-1 visa holders and any family members with J-2 visas to purchase health insurance and accident insurance. We provide a health and welfare plan to meet the needs of international visiting teachers.

Rushing to the United States »In the year of teaching in the United States, you will get a plane ticket to the United States.

Interest-free resettlement loan and bank account »After you arrive in the United States, we provide an interest-free loan with monthly repayments. With this loan, you will be able to pay initial expenses such as apartment deposits. Teachers can also choose to obtain interest-free loans in the second and third year. In addition, we will help you open a bank account when you first arrive in the United States.

Local Advisor Support Program »Local advisors are served by some outstanding teachers who have been participating in this project for two or three years. They will help you adjust to the life and surroundings of your new school when you first arrive in the United States. A local consultant will help you arrange temporary accommodation. They will also recommend long-term accommodation for you to choose from; and arrange social gatherings so you can meet new people.

Emergency Support »We provide 24/7 support for teachers. During the day, you can call or email our teacher support staff. If an emergency occurs during non-office hours, you can contact our employees through the emergency hotline, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Induction Training »Before you rush to the United States, you need to complete the online pre-departure induction training. After arriving in the United States, you will participate in induction training. Through this training, you will meet new teachers from all over the world and learn about living and working in the United States.

Master's degree programs and career development »We have partnerships with prestigious American universities and colleges, and you can study for a master's degree in these schools while teaching. Teachers can also participate in free professional development conferences hosted by our institution. These conferences are specially held to help teachers who have just arrived in the United States for a year.

Educator Community Website »From the moment you are accepted into this project, you have become a member of our educator community. You will get new project information and can communicate with our other teachers. The services we provide include online instructional support, a teaching plan database, classified ads to help you find information about your residence and roommates, a directory of all teachers and message boards, etc.

Please note: We will revise and improve services and benefits regularly. Therefore, the above content is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Attachment: Salary Reference Form of American Public Schools

  Year of Experience             Annual Salary(10 months)     12 Monthly Installments





































Handling procedures for Chinese teachers abroad

Preliminary qualification examination → Yufeng interview (on-site or online interview) → Sign a contract with Yufeng → Arrange a foreign school examination → Sign an employment contract with a foreign school → Document preparation → Visa application → Work abroad