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How can Wuxi Korean language training institutions better master Korean

2020-07-25 09:04:19

South Korea is a country with a long history of cultural creativity. There are many cultural industries in the region. The locals have always loved folk dance editing music for ten minutes. Therefore, the development trend of folk dance editing music in South Korea is very good. . Deeply researched, in Seoul, music can be roughly divided into two aspects. One is nationalized music, which is mainly caused by the Chinese cultural link, which comes from ordinary people, and the other is unitary music, which comes from outside European countries. It is important to have a national song represented by the United Kingdom. According to local characteristics, nationalized music can also be divided into folk culture music, which is different from Yayi. Many of Han's folk dances were court folk dances at that time. And the expressions are varied. The key to the drama performance was related to many ethnic religions at that time, and there were different religious rituals. So how do you better grasp Korean? The editor will take you through all aspects of Wuxi Korean training.

1. With the improvement of Korean enterprises in Wuxi City, the number of Korean-speaking employees in the Wuxi Talent Recruitment Fair is also increasing. However, Korean companies generally have Korean language requirements, and generally must exceed TOPIK level 3. What should I do when I come to Wuxi Korean Education University every year More than 100 people have graduated from Korean universities, and everyone has the service philosophy that every student can learn pure Korean

2. The popularity of Korean dramas has given birth to many fans of the Korean language. Nowadays, students in school watch the original Korean dramas and feel that the information in the translated version will harm the information and the beauty of form. Many people say that you must learn Korean well so that you can understand the original TV series. The "Korean fever" has long been popular. Especially in Wuxi City, it is not easy to watch the original TV series, and it is more important to work with companies from Korea. According to statistics, in 2010, 60% of foreigners entering and leaving Wuxi City were Japanese and Korean. Currently, our Korean agents urgently need outstanding Korean talents. Under the same standards, the chances of outstanding Korean talents being admitted by Korean companies have increased, and the demand for Korean graduates is in short supply. This has also prompted more and more Chinese people to start learning Korean.