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The importance of learning Pinyin well in Chinese learning

2021-01-13 17:48:51

Chinese Pinyin is the way for elementary school students to open the entrance of professional knowledge, and it is the peak stage of scientific research. Learning the pinyin will enable children to read the new words in the textbook with their own pinyin and read them fluently. With the increase in children's word recognition, the level of reading articles and creation will be relatively improved. Therefore, pinyin is the basis for character recognition, a prerequisite for reading articles, elementary school composition, and an indispensable part of learning Chinese. Therefore, not only do you have to learn Chinese Pinyin, but you must also master and use it well. The following Wuxi Chinese Learning Organization will talk about the necessity of learning Chinese Pinyin from three levels.

One: Learning and training conducive to word recognition

Relying on Pinyin, students can understand new words and accelerate their recognition. If in the process of learning, students encounter new words that they don’t know, correctly guide students to rely on Pinyin to spell, read, and read several times. In the whole process of continuous Pinyin and spelling, students will learn Chinese characters and also learn. The way to recognize words. Students have learned Chinese Pinyin, relying on this special tool, they can use their own Pinyin to spell out the words and sentences of a part of Pinyin, Chinese characters with pinyin annotations in classic books, and learn some new words by themselves. I think Chinese Pinyin is very wonderful, it can help them to read polyphonic characters accurately (including words with different polyphonic characters, correct the wrong pronunciation), understand new words, and get the ability to recognize characters independently. So as to stimulate students' interest in word recognition, speed up word recognition, enable students to recognize words in listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice, and improve the quality of word recognition. It can be seen that Hanyu Pinyin is a key and reasonable special tool for character recognition.

2: Help children read articles

Through the learning and training of Chinese Pinyin, students can promote the development of Chinese Pinyin on the basis of reading. At the same time, students can rely on Pinyin to read the content of such texts during the reading process. They can read polyphonic words appropriately, read the text content, and improve their reading ability based on continuous reading.

In the basic of students' reading practice activities, the teacher will give specific instructions for purposeful reading, and students can also read emotions. According to the learning and training of reading articles, the students' professional ability has been further improved.

It is not difficult to see that in the golden stage of learning and training Chinese, students will read classics and be erudite, aiming at accumulating as many language materials as possible, shaping excellent cultural and artistic accomplishments, broadening their basic common sense indoor space, and providing them with high quality and high quality in the future. The development trend of quality has laid a strong foundation.

3: Speak Mandarin well

In our country, there are many Chinese nations, and each Chinese nation has its own language, and the languages of different regions have significant differences. The language inconsistency has caused huge troubles in the communication between everyone in production and daily life. Therefore, speaking Mandarin well and speaking Mandarin well has become an indispensable work ability for everyone in today's society. Learning and training Chinese Pinyin helps to speak Mandarin well. And start from the elementary and middle school word recognition link to establish a good foundation for its development trend.

All in all, learning intensive Chinese Pinyin can produce and improve students' intensive Chinese lessons and their professional ability in Chinese lessons, and help children successfully enter primary and secondary schools.