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Some reasons for learning a foreign language

2021-01-13 17:42:59

1. Cultural soft power.

If you are not forced to learn the language, the original intention of learning and training a language is to love. There are many reasons to love behind, but in the final analysis, it must feel cool. The coolness of Japanese comes from Japanese animation, followed by Japanese TV dramas, music, Japanese kimonos, cherry blossoms, Fuji Mountain, etc., all of which are within the scope of cultural soft power. The irrationality of learning Korean comes from Korean TV dramas and various star combinations. The irrationality of learning French must come from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Champs-Elysées and the left bank of the Seine, and the phonetic pronunciation of ecstasy. The irrationality of learning and training Spanish comes from the vitality of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Latin American countries. However, in terms of proportion, only a few people feel that learning German is a handsome thing, learning Russian is a handsome thing, and learning and training Italian is a handsome thing. Because of the culture and art behind this, it is really not cool. You can speak French very carefully and carefully, German is very profound, and the culture and art behind Italian tattoos are extensive and profound, but this kind of backbone in language learning, young people, is really not a very handsome thing.

2. Positivism.

The charm of language depends on the application. English can become a global language, and the early colonization of the United States, and the affirmative dominating influence of the United Kingdom today, the United States, one of the troikas of Lu-Ou, and the influence of Australia, New Zealand, and Australia, a powerful country in the world today Liquan is closely linked. The application of the business service industry and its scientific fields has always been the driving force for fresh language.

3. Study abroad

In fact, studying abroad should belong to it. But because where to study abroad is indeed a serious threat to the fashionable level of a language in a country. Wuxi Japanese Language Training Institute believes that it should be sorted out and analyzed independently to show the necessity. Because of the strong overall strength of scientific research and the rich and varied job opportunities, more and more students are choosing to study in Japan. Two misconceptions that must be responded to. One, studying in Japan is very expensive. Second, Japanese immigration is difficult. This is definitely a prejudice.