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What are the benefits of learning Korean in life

2021-01-13 17:35:30

As one of the most frequently used minor language majors in recent years, Qianqian students' passion for learning and training Korean is also increasing. Wuxi Korean Language Training Institute feels that learning and training Korean will benefit not only in work, but also in daily life and personal hobbies.

At work:

With the rapid development of trade between China and South Korea, my country has long become South Korea's fourth largest exporter of trade. Well-known companies such as LG and Samsung have many subsidiaries in my country. Such large companies have strict regulations on outstanding talents. Only a certain degree of diploma and Korean professional ability can be used as a reserve of outstanding talents. However, most companies attach great importance to the localization of outstanding talents in order to better carry out business processes in our country as soon as possible. They only need to have a certain basic understanding of Korean, understand the cultural customs and market operations between the two countries, and then they can be hired by South Korean agents. A generous income. As everyone’s neighboring countries, South Korea’s communications on politics, economic development, fitness training, and high-end manufacturing will surely become more frequent in the future. Therefore, for a long period of time in the future, there will be an urgent shortage of many interdisciplinary talents who can speak Korean/Chinese between the two countries.

Especially when everyone's English standards are equal, grasping a second foreign language will occupy a certain advantage when applying for a job, thereby increasing the probability of students' employment, expanding the scope of employment, and getting a lot of employment problems.

In addition, as my country is fully advocating self-employment and the threshold for self-employment is decreasing every year, many friends choose to start their own businesses. And because many Japanese live in my country in recent years, a very large number of entrepreneurs look to China-South Korea trade, and the cultural conflict between China and South Korea can show many design inspirations for self-employment. For example: my country’s “Haidilao Hot Pot” makes full use of the strong socialist democracy and has gained tens of thousands of fans in Seoul, gaining the stomachs of many Koreans. In recent years, with the introduction of Korean entertainment, culture and art, more and more The dressing design style of everyone is close to Korean entertainment, so the introduction of Korean and Japanese equipment has become a development trend. Therefore, the benefits of learning and training Korean and mastering internal customs are self-evident.

In life:

Han, with many beautiful attractions and clear beaches, has long become one of the most Chinese tourist cities. For example, after the implementation of visa on arrival on Jeju Island in South Korea, Chinese citizens have long become regular customers of Jeju Island. Far away, if you have a good grasp of the local language, you need to be able to save money on land and accompany, and secondly, the safety index value of vacation travel must also rise, and imagine communicating with local people in their language. Communication, then this holiday trip is simply more interesting and meaningful.

Excluding vacation travel, it’s not too difficult for everyone to notice that more and more Korean products are coming to your attention. If you understand Korean, it will help you understand the Korean products around you. And with more and more Japanese living in our country, learning Korean can make a lot of Korean friends. It's fine to drink and drink together and feel different cultures and arts. It is also interesting that a person who is not easy to Korean does not have.

Other aspects:

Korean itself is also a very beautiful language and its artistic beauty is different from Chinese. It has a variety of sentence pattern changes and expressions. The various sentence pattern changes in Korean and the lyrics of saliva songs are also very interesting. Korean short texts It's also very ridiculous! Therefore, learning and training Korean is also a very good way to be used for colorful personal hobbies and beautiful taste.

More and more students and newcomers in the workplace invest their time and money in the learning of small languages. Language is sometimes a kind of media. To understand the different world, you can see that the news reports of other countries are different. If you have different perspectives for the same thing, you can have a broader vision.

And for Chinese students, Korean is easier to learn and train than other languages. Because more than half of the Chinese characters in the Korean vocabulary are evolved from ancient Chinese, the phonetic pronunciation of this vocabulary and the Korean vocabulary are certain. Regularity. You only need to grasp the regularity of the pronunciation of Chinese Hanzi words in Korean and contemporary Korean phonetic symbols, and you can guess the meaning of Chinese Hanzi words in Korean. In addition, a small part of the Korean vocabulary comes from the English that everyone knows. Therefore, learning and training Korean is to grasp another foreign language based on your own language advantages, so why not use this advantage.