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Teaching Steps of Wuxi Chinese Training Institution

2020-07-25 09:04:19

In the Chinese language training and teaching class, many teachers will prepare in advance for classroom teaching and have accumulated a variety of teaching experience and cultural knowledge. However, the content of the course has not been satisfactory. The following Wuxi Chinese Language Training Institute will talk about the actual Chinese language. Training process. Teaching classroom steps refer to the serious implementation of the entire process and operation process links in the teaching classroom. Generally speaking, Chinese training includes the following steps.

1. Establish organizational discipline. Establish the discipline of class collective organization according to the precepts, and create a learning atmosphere for entering the teaching content.

2. Review and check. Simply review the content of the previous lesson, such as checking the pre-learned words.

3. Lead into a new class. According to the specific teaching content plan, an interesting guide link is designed to attract students' attention and training. It can grasp the relevant content of the discussion and discussion of the text topics of the students and their upcoming training and training, activate the students' relevant thinking ability to reserve information, and improve their learning ability on key points of new professional knowledge.

4. Word resolution. You can choose to use follow-up reading, reading together, single reading, blackboard English essay listening, word expansion training, disassembly training, sentence formation training based on word collocation, etc.

5. Sentence pattern learning and training. It can explain the professional knowledge of English tenses of important sentence patterns and do training in dismantling and training sentences, and training in challenging sentence transmission.

6. Text stage. The teacher first reads the text and invites the students to listen; then the teacher leads the text and the students follow; then the teacher appropriately explains the important sentence patterns and difficulty structures, solves the text problems, and imitates the sentence patterns and topic discussions of the text in combination with the students' actual daily life; Then the teacher designs the text, deletes some sentences in the text, and the students make up for the deleted sentences, read the text aloud, and slowly delete more words according to the learning situation to improve the students' mastery of the text.

7. Induction of English grammar. According to the situation, use data maps, detailed descriptions, etc. to extract English grammatical norms. In this, students are basically guided correctly to make sentences and promote the training of new English grammar points.

8. Dialogue training. After students have understood most of the sentence patterns and texts, they are trained in group conversations. They are required to use the newly learned vocabulary and sentence patterns to ask questions and respond to each other in combination with their own life scenes.

9. Training solution. Lead students to solve the supporting workbook, and do some expansion appropriately.

10. Assign homework. According to the content of the Chinese training, the class should be reasonably arranged during the work and the daily tasks in preparation for the next class. The students are well prepared for the English essay listening vocabulary of the next class. The above teaching steps are not fixed and always the same. Teachers should follow the teaching content and teaching The focus and difficulty of the classroom are flexible and adaptable, especially in the reasonable allocation of the time in the middle of each teaching link and step.